Exclusive accommodation in the Daintree since 1990

Exclusive accommodation in the Daintree since 1990

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Guest Reviews 2

All the reviews on this page were written in The Botanical Ark Retreat’s guestbook before this website was created in September 2013. We have only used names when permission was given. There are more reviews here.


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“Your garden is absolutely out of this world…simply a must for a nature lover.”

Guest from UK


“We look forward to returning.”

Couple from California, USA


“A great 5 days spent relaxing and doing lots of wonderful nothing on our honeymoon!”

Honeymooners from Sydney


“We hope to return to your paradise.”

Couple from Melbourne


“The dedication and hard work that has gone in to creating this wonderful Botanical Ark does not go unnoticed.”

Two couples from Victoria, Australia


“Thank you for the adventure.”

Family from Australia and UK


“Kia ora for the most wonderful Christmas break that we will never forget.”

Family from New Zealand


“A true paradise – we will be back!!!”

Couple from Australia


These whales are regular visitors to the Great Barrier Reef


“A chance to unwind, explore and experience the beauty of Far North Queensland and see the reef and the rainforests.”

A family from Melbourne, Australia.


“Like most visitors, I don’t want to leave.”



“Thank you for providing a setting that made our honeymoon that much more amazing.”

Honeymooners from Australia


“I’ll never forget this experience.”



“Our family appreciated the family atmosphere throughout the house.”

Family from Australia


“An amazing place. Enjoyed every moment!”

Couple from Sydney


“We now dream of another opportunity to someday return to this paradise of the Ark.”

Couple from Queensland


“It has renewed our spirit and we will be back.”

Family from Tasmania


“What a remarkable environment you have created.”

Guests from Melbourne, Australia


“Next time we will return with friends and family.”

Couple from Sydney


“This is such a beautiful place and I feel blessed to have experienced its magic.”

Erin, USA


“We throughly enjoyed tasting new tropical fruits.”

Two couples from Florida, USA

Pandanus seed cluster


“We loved every moment!! If only we could stay longer to take in more detail.”

Family from Sydney, Australia


“Wonderful place for 3 generations family get together.”

Family from England, Australia, New Zealand


“We have found ‘the’ place to relax and be peaceful.”

Couple from Brisbane, Australia


“A privilege to share this beautiful garden.”

Guest from New South Wales, Australia


“This is a beautiful, amazing and blissful place.”

Sunshine Coast, Queensland


“If you come here, you are very lucky.”

Couple from France


“A home away from the maddening crowd.”

Guest from UK


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