Exclusive accommodation in the Daintree since 2003

Exclusive accommodation in the Daintree since 2003

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The Daintree region is one of Australia’s premier birdwatching destinations. The Botanical Ark is not just right in the middle of it but also tempts birds with our unequalled varieties of tropical fruits and plants. This is a wonderful place to watch birds. You do that just by sitting on the spacious verandah with the encroaching garden. You can even do that from your bed!  


Morning birds

Every morning you are almost guaranteed to see and hear the bright, chirpy, and cheerful yellow-bellied sunbird. It’s not uncommon for these delightful little birds to suspend their long slender nests from dwellings, including our car port and verandah. 


The forest runners

Having a lot of forest, we often see a brush turkey rushing about, usually followed by another brush turkey chasing it. They are an aggressive bird to each other but flee humans. They build huge mounds as nests though we have never seen a nest on our property. Also rushing about on the forest floor is the smaller, roufous Orange-footed Scrubfowl


The odd ones

The name butcherbird says it all and the Black Butcherbird is the largest of them. They wedge lizards, frogs, even smaller birds in branches and butcher them with its hooked beak. Though you would never know their violent tendencies from their beautiful song.

Inversely, the cat-like wailing of the Spotted Catbird belies its beautiful greeny plumage.


Love the doves

We see plenty of doves here, including the Australian Peaceful Dove and the bar-shouldered dove. Even if you don’t see the wompoo fruit-dove, you will hear its distinctive “wallop-who” call.



The water garden, just below your verandah, attracts a range of kingfishers. We often see blue winged kookaburra, azure kingfisher, and we have a pair of forest kingfishers in residence. We’ve even had a buff-breasted paradise-kingfisher fly right through our home! And the day’s incomplete without being mocked by a laughing kookaburra. 


Water birds

Don’t be startled if you see ducks or a cormorant land in the water gardens. Sometimes, we’ll catch a grey goshawk sitting in a tree above the water, just watching the proceedings. 



We are always impressed with the startlingly red and green Australian King Parrot. Even the rainbow looriket, often dismissed because it is common, makes them no less beautiful and to see large flocks chatter and raid our fruit trees is quite a sight. An even greatest fruit destroyer is the sulphur crested cockatoos. They can decimate our entire rambutan crop.



If you come across a pile of empty snail shells, it is a sign the noisy pitta has been feeding.  If you hear a “walk-to-work” call, it is still around. 

 There are, of course, many other birds who live and visit The Botanical Ark, it’s just a matter of being here to hear and see them.


Further reading

This section also covers other attractions in our gardens, including fruit, flowers, and wildlife.

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