Exclusive accommodation in the Daintree since 2003

Exclusive accommodation in the Daintree since 2003

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Botanical Ark Retreat activities

Our flagship activity is the garden tour.

But there are also other activities to do at The Botanical Ark Retreat.


The Garden Tour

This extraordinary garden tour is a learning experience that thrusts your senses and intelligence into the rainforests of the world.


Anatto, Botanical Ark Retreat

The strong red colour of the Annatoo, a water-soluble, non-toxic colouring.

This approximately two-hour guided garden tour is a hands-on tasting, feeling, smelling, touching, learning experience that will astound you. You will learn about the vast range of products a rainforest gives the modern world today; from medicines that help with cancer; to a non-toxic, water-soluble, tasteless, and odourless dye millions of people eat on a daily basis; to a fruit that makes your body odour smell like roses; to a substance that helps you will have helped you travel to The Botanical Ark, and much more besides. 



Mangasteen tasting at The Botanical Ark Garden Tour, tropical north Queensland.

The mangasteen, often called Queen of Fruits.

The tour includes a fruit display of some of the 500 species grown at The Botanical Ark. The colours, texture, shape, and smell of these is remarkable in itself. You will also discover what tropical fruit can look and taste like in the form of sweet and savoury dishes that comes with our high-tea.



Woman holding gaunabana (soursop)

People from the rainforest depend on the food it supplies, like the woman with this guanabana (soursop).

This garden tour will create a deeper understanding of why a rainforest is worth much more standing than it is cut down. You will have a renewed appreciation of how rainforests can help the planet and all life on it, including humans. And you will know that individuals can make a difference to global problems.


Book a tour

Guests can book a garden tour when you make your reservation on our real-time online booking system on this website. Check availability now.



Other Botanical Ark Retreat activities

The Botanical Ark’s landscape and gardens invoke peace and calm, so it’s a natural place to retreat, relax, and revive.

You can indulge in a blissful massage in-house.

There’s lots of complimentary activities too. Feel free to explore the gardens, admiring our flowers, fruit, wildlife, and birds.

No matter what time of year you stay, a swim is always welcome.

Explore our valley, with it’s trees arching over the road, causeways and small bridges crossing the creeks, abundant birdlife, no traffic, and quiet country ambience. You can walk or ride the provided bicycles.

Just 3-km down our road is world renowned Ola and Marie Hoglund’s glass studio & gallery. It exhibits and sells a stunning collection of handblown and unique vases, bowls, goblets, perfume bottles, paperweights, little glass birds and handmade glass jewellery with silver or gold.

Bot Ark Retreat_-95

The Devil’s Thumb.


Only 4-km down the road is the start of the track leading to the best views in the Daintree National Park at Manjal Jimalji, otherwise known as the Devil’s thumb. This 10.6-km (return) track demands above average fitness and you will encounter some steep, slippery, and rock scrambling sections. You should allow eight hours to go up and down. Learn more about this walk at this official National Parks website.


Over 100-metres above the sea, perched on the Main Coast Range, you can can see Mossman lowlands and coastline to the east and the Dagmar Range, Wundu (Thornton Peak) and Daintree valley to the north. But the overwhelming view is the blue and aquamarine Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef. A handsome reward for your efforts

There are also some great destinations and adventures in the Daintree region.

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