Exclusive accommodation in the Daintree since 2003

Exclusive accommodation in the Daintree since 2003

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our environmental philosophy & practice


All ecosystems, in fact, all systems, work better if they recycle. It’s what nature intended. And that’s what we do here.

Our environmental philosophy is one of our foundations. It is not something we have dreamt up because we need to say something ‘eco’ on our website. We believe we all should leave the environment  in a better condition than when we got it.  That’s how The Botanical Ark came into existence.

We recycle sunlight. Our eight hectares (20 acres) is by its very nature solar powered. Around 3000 species of plants (incredible biodiversity energy) owe their presence to the sun. And so do we.

The sun provides the food that fuels the water cycle, the inevitable rains that keeps our garden and the rainforests green, the winds, and us, as humans.

We have 6.2 kW of solar cells on the Retreat’s roof, providing up to 35 kWh each sunny day. The Botanical Ark Retreat is designed for energy efficiency so is not energy greedy.

We recycle the rain. Our garden sits at the bottom of a high rainmaking mountain, just a few kilometres from the sea. Tropical deluges and perennial steams with gushing waterfalls are our backdrop. And from one of these streams we borrow a small portion of the flow for a short time to generate around 100 kWh of 240v AC electricity each and every day!

In fact, we often generate more energy than we consume, and sell our excess into the main grid.

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