Exclusive accommodation in the Daintree since 2003

Exclusive accommodation in the Daintree since 2003

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with family, friends, yourself, nature


The seclusion, beauty, and peace of the Botanical Ark Retreat is the perfect environment for you to reconnect with your partner, your family, your friends, yourself, and with nature.

You can indulge with what the region has to offer and retire to this quiet, private and exclusive Retreat. Or you can just be here; relax, revive, and rejoice.

Because of dangerous plants and open water areas, The Botanical Ark Retreat is not recommended for those younger than 12 years.



Couple_Walking Four Mile Beach TPDD


Couples love staying here. Just them. No interruptions.


What a wonderful place..by far the highlight of our break in Australia.”

Couple from Northern Ireland.



“You make the world a more beautiful place to live.”

Couple from Melbourne.



“Next time we will return with friends and family.”

Honeymooners from Sydney.




Picnic at Anzac Park


So it follows that this is an ideal place for couples who’ve taken the next step and stay here on their honeymoon.



“We have visited many wonderful places around the world and [the Botanical Ark] is one of the most beautiful places.”

Honeymooners from Melbourne.



“A great 5 days spent relaxing and doing lots of wonderful nothing on our honeymoon!”

Honeymooners from Sydney.



“Thank you for providing a setting that made our honeymoon that much more amazing.”

Honeymooners from Australia.



Once, this was our family home, so it can accommodate up to eight guests comfortably. This makes it ideal for family reunions.

“[The Botanical Ark Retreat] is such a special place because it wasn’t built for accommodation but for a family home…we loved it.”

A family from Australia.


“Wonderful place for 3 generations family get together.”

A family dispersed between England, Australia, and New Zealand.


“Our family appreciated the family atmosphere throughout the house.”

Family from Australia


Gardeners, nature lovers, peace seekers

 A Cola species in Central Africa


Not only do you reconnect with those you come with, but with what’s already here.


“Our gratitude to… you for making this Ark available for reconnection to our wonder filled Mother Earth.”

An American guest.


“Your garden is absolutely out of this world…a home away from the maddening crowd…Simply a must for a nature lover”

Guest from the UK.


“We have found ‘the’ place to relax and be peaceful.”

Guest from Australia.


Activity_Spa meditation HR


Because of it’s seclusion where interruptions can kept to a minimum or even eliminated, and because of it’s serene and peaceful nature, this can be a healing place.


“The essence of peace!”

Guests from Australia


“A truly reviving experience.”

Two couples from Victoria, Australia.


“This is a beautiful, amazing and blissful place.”

Guest from Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

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