Exclusive accommodation in the Daintree since 2003

Exclusive accommodation in the Daintree since 2003

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Facilities and amenities

Difficult to answer. It depends on your interests.

If you're interested in seeing the most flowers and/or fruit, then the summer months (Dec-March) are best. This is also the wettest and most humid time of year.

Over our winter months (April-Nov), the nights are cool enough to sleep under blankets but the days are gloriously warm and the skies blue - mostly. This is also the busiest time of year.

Yes, you get free WiFi.

Yes. We have an award-winning garden. All guests comment on how beautiful are gardens are. Read more about our gardens.

We have plenty of parking. It is free.

Yes, we have a 45-inch screen (115cm) discreetly located in our living area. It has about 160 TV channels that feature movies, news and documentaries, sport, special interest, entertainment, kids and family. We also have a DVD player with a collection of DVDs. All complimentary, of course.

Definitely. One of the main reasons we bought this place was because of the abundance of clean fresh water.

Yes. But it’s more practice than policy. Our whole ethos is environmentally based and we intend to leave this land in a better condition that when we bought it. Read about our environmental philosophy/practices.

Yes, we have a washing machine, clothes line, clothes dryer, and general laundry area. It is complimentary.

Yes. We have a couple of bikes for you to amble down our quiet country road and visit our nearby attractions.

Yes. We have places at The Botanical Ark Retreat that are excellent for fresh-water swimming - without crocodiles. You will also find other swimming locations at our adventures page.



The tariff includes everything at The Botanical Ark Retreat. Check for full details here.

Yes, we make a different special offers at different times. Check out our current special offers.

Our standard payment process is a 25% (twenty five percent) deposit to secure your booking. The balance of payment is due 30 days prior to the arrival date and is non-refundable. Some special offers may have additional terms and conditions. Go here for full details.

You can pay with Visa or Mastercard credit cards or by Paypal.

We respect your privacy and we have an extensive privacy policy. The nub of it is, we don’t share, swap, or sell any of your private information with anybody we don’t have to. People we have to share with includes credit card companies and some government agencies if so required. Read our privacy policy.

People who stay here generally book weeks, even months, ahead. Bookings are, of course, subject to availability and we strongly recommend you book as far in advance as possible. Expecting to book a few days ahead may lead to disappointment.

The Botanical Ark Retreat can accommodate a total of eight people.

The Botanical Ark Retreat is a repository for thousands of tropical plants. Some of these are dangerous. We also have areas of open water. For these reasons, this Retreat is unsuitable for people 12-years of age or younger. Please contact us if you have any queries.

Yes. Our cancellation policy explains the full conditions of cancellations.

Our standard check-in time is from 2pm. Our standard check-out time is by 10am.

Yes, you can, but they are subject to availability, i.e. if another guest is arriving or leaving. That may change at short notice. The only way to be 100% certain of an early check-in and/or late checkout time is to book an extra day.

Being here

Apart from the swimming, walking, relaxing, etc, the most popular and enlightening activity is The Botanical Ark garden tour. This guided garden tour is a hands-on tasting, feeling, smelling, learning experience that will astound you. There are also other things to do at The Botanical Ark Retreat.

The Daintree offers a fantastic range of activities and sights, from diving/snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef to crocodile spotting tours to self-driving around Cape Tribulation and the Atherton Tablelands and, well, lots more. Check out our Destinations and Adventures pages.

Yes, But please smoke well away from any buildings.

Tropical North Queensland is home to an enormous range of wild creatures, some cute and some dangerous. We very rarely see anything dangerous at The Botanical Ark Retreat but, as with all things wild, we cannot guarantee that you will or will not see anything.

The Botanical Ark Retreat is just that - a place where you can retreat from the crazy world. People come here to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet that is often lacking in our lives. You are welcome to have friends visit to enjoy this beautiful environment but this is no place for a drunken rage.

First, there is only one booking at a time. That means you have exclusive use of The Botanical Ark Retreat and all it offers. Second, we mean it is very comfortable in a barefoot luxury style.

You will have total and absolute privacy. The Botanical Ark is closed to the general public so there will be no strangers suddenly walking across your view. You are the only ones there.

Yes. You can stay for one or two nights. The tariff for this is the same as three nights.

We will do our best to ensure that you are reunited with any items you forget. However, we do not take any responsibility for any items forgotten or lost at The Botanical Ark Retreat.

Yes. When your booking is confirmed, you will receive an email with the landline phone number. As mobile phones fail to get reception here, you can also use this phone to call out.

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